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Strange Music's Own Godemis of Ces Cru w/ Twistello , DJ Chunk ,Myself, and more! Nov 13th SALT LAKE CITY UTAH @ LIQUID JOES hit me up on fb or ig for tickets or go to-LIQUIDJOES.NET 


Preorder Tapeworm feat and produced by Rozz Dyliams now releases Nov 13th!


Order Pitch Black Today OUT NOW

Demons Featuring Smallz One of LSP Out Now!!

In The End Feat. Broden Arndt


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This song is about in the end, no one will doubt you , they will remember your name finally , and big help with acceptance of my father Brad Arndts death for myself as well as my 11 year old nephew Broden Arndt. Please take a moment spend a buck and enjoy. I hope you all get what we did from this track .

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